These are the people who will inspire and challenge us!

Dr. Robert G. Cooper

President of Product Development Institute & father and creator of the Stage-Gate® system.

Anja Svetina Nabergoj

Lecturer and Innovation Coach at Stanford

Ramon Vullings

International keynote speaker on business creativity & cross-sector innovation

Mark Gallagher

Performance Insights & Formula One

Leo Clancy

Executive Committee of IDA Ireland

Denis Hayes

Managing Director of the IRDG Innovation Network

Aidan McCullen

Change Consultant, Corporate Coach and Host at the Innovation Show

Ailbhe and Izzy Keane

Multi-Award Winning Entrepreneurs at Izzy Wheels

Dr. John Bell

"Healthy Planet” Director at European Commission

Robert O'Mahony

Head of Sustainability at Logitech

Sue Garrard

Advisor on Sustainability Strategy & former EVP Sustainable Business and Communications at Unilever

Kingsley Aikins

Chief Executive Officer at The Networking Institute

Conor O'Neill

Chief Product Officer at NearForm

Lewize Crothers

CEO & Founder at Exit Entry

Conall Laverty

Founder & CEO at Wia

John McKiernan

Head of Innovation Pipeline at ESB

Anand Mecheri

CEO at Invicara

Derek Roddy

Founder & CEO at Climote

Lory Kehoe

Adjunct Assistant Professor in Technology Trends at Trinity College Dublin

Brian McGuire

Co-founder and CEO at Cental Ltd

Rob Leslie

Founder & CEO at Sedicii

Peter Rose

CTO and co-owner at TEKenable

Donal Tierney

Chairperson IRDG & CEO Bimeda Holdings

Lorna Martyn

SVP, Head of Technology at Fidelity Investments

Fearghal Carroll

Chief Financial Officer at Cup Print

And more to follow...