Executive Workshop & Conference available to book separately. Details below.

Pre Conference - 21st November 2022

21st Nov
10.00 – 5.30pm

Executive Workshop – Radical Early-Stage Innovation for Disruptive Change

  • Jason Frasca, Strategic Innovation Design for Disruptive Innovators, Emergent Futures Lab
  • Iain Kerr, Innovation Strategist & Co-founder, Emergent Futures Lab 

On Monday 21st November, Emergent Futures Lab will hold an executive workshop for a group of up to 30 people.

This one day workshop is specifically designed to be an immersive, hands-on deep dive into the innovation process that Emergent Futures Lab has developed over many years of research and field testing with companies. This process, The Innovation Design Approach, is a unique and highly effective methodology and set of techniques to deliver disruptive innovation.

By the end of this workshop participants will understand the why, the how, and the when of these new techniques to begin to develop their own effective context-specific innovation for disruptive change making in their company and industry.

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21st Nov

Evening Meetup – Monday 21st November, 7pm

If you are staying over on the night of Monday 21st November, you are welcome to join our pre-Conference Meetup.  An informal, complimentary get together with some nibbles, a glass of wine and good company!  Totally optional, but a great opportunity to connect with members from across the country.

Conference Day - 22nd November 2022


Registration, Refreshments & Networking

Join us nice and early.  Refresh after your journey, and enjoy a leisurely breakfast on-the-go.  Take the time to re-connect with those you haven’t seen for a while, and meet some new faces too.  Connect with peers from industry and a wide array of exhibitors.


#IRDG2022 Welcome Address and Celebration of IRDG’s 30 Years

  • Dermot Casey, CEO, IRDG
  • Donal Tierney, CEO, Bimeda Holdings & Chairperson IRDG


As IRDG celebrates 30 years since our foundation, we celebrate the progress of research, development and innovation in that time, and the strength of the nationwide network across all sectors.

We hear all the time that “Innovation is a team sport”. And often the best innovations or ideas occur when there are networks of people from diverse backgrounds gathering together. IRDG is all about bringing people together to share experiences, have serendipitous moments and develop collaborative relationships. This flagship event in IRDG’s calendar is a much-anticipated opportunity to facilitate all that in person!


Irish Innovation. Where We Go From Here.

  • Leo Clancy, CEO, Enterprise Ireland


KEYNOTE: Creating Radical Breakthrough Innovation

  • Jason Frasca, Strategic Innovation Design for Disruptive Innovators, Emergent Futures Lab
  • Iain Kerr, Innovation Strategist & Co-founder, Emergent Futures Lab 

For too long, too much of the discussion about innovation has been stuck in solitary geniuses, the quest for near-magical visionary powers, and trying to teach individuals techniques of ideation, brainstorming, and empathy with ever more sticky notes added to the mix. All of this has little to do with the actual practice of either creativity or innovation, and most of it actually hinders early-stage innovation and creativity.

This keynote highlights and challenges the five great innovation myths. Iain and Jason will then offer an alternative approach that is designed to support transformative early-stage innovation. This powerful framework: The Innovation Design Approach gives real-world practitioners powerful clear methods, practices and tools for disruptive innovation. By the end of this talk and discussion attendees will leave with a clear new framework for innovation — and tools to develop a highly effective early-stage radical innovation ecosystem within their organisation.


Refreshments, Networking & Meet the Exhibitors 

  • Reconnect with People.  Visit our Exhibitors.



Leaders’ Insights Forum: The Workplace (& Innovation) of the Future

  • Nessa McEniff, Centre Director at Learnovate
  • Stephen Ralph, Head of Product and Innovation at Zarion
  • Nitheen Kaperi Sanyal, Head of Digitalisation and Transformation at Merck Life Science
  • Colm de Burca, Emerging Technology and R&D Manager at ESB


In this segment, we’ll hear from a mix of industry leaders about the practices, models and infrastructures in ever-changing workplace landscapes across diverse sectors. What does it mean for the future of industry? What does it mean for the future of innovation?  How can organisations future proof their workforces to maximise competitiveness, resilience and innovation?


Lunch, Networking & Meet the Exhibitors 

  • Reconnect with People.  Visit our Exhibitors.



Innovation at the Speed of Trust

  • John Patrick Shaw, Country Head at Legato Health Technologies Ireland


At Legato, Innovation is directed at improving lives. A Culture of Trust is at the foundation of how Innovation is delivered in Legato.


The Opportunity in Sustainable Innovation

  • Ruth Kelly, Global Head of Product Development at Henkel
  • Angela Duffy, Director at Resolve Partners
  • Brendan Rice, CEO & Co-Founder at Senoptica Technologies
  • Darragh Gaffney, Research & Innovation Services Manager at IRDG


KEYNOTE: How To Get The Best Out Of Our Creative Brain  

  • Helena Boschi, Psychologist, speaker and educator, specialising in applied neuroscience at work and author of “Why We Do What We Do” 


The human brain craves distraction and is being constantly bombarded by sensory information.  But we simply don’t have the brainpower to process it all.  Whilst our attentional system steers our perception, the brain has to make a choice about what it focuses on. Throughout our lifespan we are taught to narrow down this focus, limit our perspective, find right answers, master expertise and develop beliefs about ourselves that we stick to with pride.  
This stimulating session helps us develop new insights about ourselves and our creative potential.  It explores how true creativity demands that we become more divergent and exploratory in our idea-generation, turning accepted wisdom upside down and challenging our norms, even when they work. The session forces us to question what we think we see and take in to account the fact that we rarely perceive what is really there, and it offers practical and simple techniques to enable us to increase cognitive agility, curiosity, creative thinking and openness – in order to become a constant and continual learner. 


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IRDG’s AGM will take place separately at the end of the day.  All IRDG members are welcome to attend.