17th November 2021 - In Person Conference & Exhibition
Full Agenda details coming soon. Details of keynotes below.

Sharpen Human Edge In The Post-Pandemic World

Coronavirus has accelerated an AI-enabled digital economy…to succeed, smart leaders will need to be more, not less, human. 

The global pandemic fast-tracked technological disruption.  Suddenly, doctors saw their patients online. Teachers delivered virtual lessons. Bosses managed by Zoom.

How can you respond with curiosity and creativity to the huge technological disruption that’s been set free?  What are the crucial capabilities to be a successful leader and influencer?

In this engaging and interactive session, the award-winning author and organisational change veteran Greg Orme reveals the science-based tips and techniques to succeed in a world being transformed by artificial intelligence, new generations in the workplace, and the ripples of COVID-19.

This is session is based on the research in Greg’s latest book The Human Edge, how curiosity and creativity are your superpowers in the digital economy (Pearson) which won Business Book of The Year in 2020.

Redefine The Impossible

  • Transform your mindset from impossible to ‘I’m Possible’
  • Neurologically shift your mindset from ordinary to extraordinary
  • Rewire your brain to accomplish the impossible
  • Keith will also share his blueprint for becoming more resilient in both your personal and professional life, regardless of the challenges life throws at you