Welcome & Opening Address – Denis Hayes, Managing Director, IRDG


Realising the Vision for Irish Industry – Celebrating 25 years of IRDG

Donal Tierney, Chairman IRDG & CEO Bimeda Holdings

Acknowledging the vision and support of 9 of our founding companies – Kerry, Moog, Glen Dimplex, Stryker, Bord na Móna, Analog Devices, Bimeda Holdings, Diageo and Henkel – all who are still very active members of our community today.


Innovating Ireland’s Future

Martin Curley, Senior Vice President and Group Head for Global Digital Practice at Mastercard

Where have we come from?  Where are we going?  What’s in it for Ireland?  Are we ready?  What’s our strategy?  Do we need to change?  To embrace the opportunities and challenges, it’s time to pose key questions for the leadership across all sectors.


Leadership with Lindegaard: The Future Is Already Here!

Stefan Lindegaard, Chief Thought Leader – corporate transformation, digitalisation and innovation management

Leadership, innovation and digitalization are fully connected today – and people are the key driver for all of them. In this talk, Stefan shares thought provoking perspectives on these elements for success based on three key messages.

– A new generation of executives is coming. Why is this happening now, who are the new leaders and what makes them special?

– The digital era changes everything. We need new approaches to leadership, organizational structures, innovation and how we think of industries and thus also competition. Where should you start?

– The “old” and the “new” must work together. Things need to change, but that does not mean the “old” is the obstacle and the “new” is the holy grail for success. Finding the right balance is key, but how do we do this?


Innovation Networking with Refreshments


Service Innovation & Disruption that has changed the World

Aisling Hassell, Head of Global Customer Experience, Airbnb and Site Lead, Airbnb in Dublin

Disruptive innovation sees the creation of a new market and value which eventually disrupts what’s been there already.  Many challenges exist in this business environment, and Airbnb is an iconic operator in this field.   This is an opportunity to get a flavour of innovation in this unique service environment, learn about the CX tactics used to create great customer experiences, and hear about the fun and rewarding employee culture.


Building a Culture of Engagement & Innovation

Marie Moynihan, Senior Vice President of Global Talent Acquisition at Dell EMC

Ian Huston, Associate Director, Pivotal Labs

As global SVP of Talent Acquisition at Dell EMC, and with over 25 years in leading HR roles in the Technology sector, Marie will provide insight into how to create an engaging culture that has innovation at its core.  She will be joined by Ian Huston, Director of Pivotal Labs in Ireland (a Dell Technologies company), who can offer a first-hand account of their transformational approach to building software, in an agile and collaborative environment and they kind of ‘innovation mindset’ they look for in talent.


Storytelling & Inspiring People to Create Business Value

Cilian Fennell, Director at Sillwater Communications

Innovation requires imagination, and stories are the currency of imagination. This session focuses on how leaders can use narrative to persuade, move, motivate and inspire. Perfect the art of storytelling to influence and engage those crucial to your innovation success – be they colleagues, team members, customers, partners or investors.


Innovation Networking with Lunch


Ministerial Address by Tánaiste and Minister for Business, Enterprise & Innovation Frances Fitzgerald


Network Innovation – Your Time to Connect & Grow

Stefan Lindegaard, Chief Thought Leader – corporate transformation, digitalisation and innovation management

Is Your Network and How You Learn with Others Ready for a New Era?  In this interactive session, we assess your network and how you learn from and with others. We focus on the elements that are the most important for your work and career issues.  A hint: digital should be a big part for this.  You will gain new insights, you might even get an Aha! moment whilst getting advice on what to do next.


Moving the Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical Markets forward through market leading Research & Innovation

Albert McQuaid, Chief Innovation Officer, Kerry

Successfully behind the wheel of Innovation in Ireland over the last 25 years, we’ll learn about the Innovation Model that’s taking Kerry forward, alongside their 3C approach of Collaboration, Commitment & Communication


How Charles Darwin Saved my Business

Oonagh O’ Hagan, Owner & Managing Director, Meagher’s Pharmacy Group

The Irish pharmacy market has completely changed in the last ten years with further consolidation inevitable. This has been as a direct result of a wide variety of challenges faced by Irish pharmacies and follows extensive cuts to pharmaceutical drug prices and to the reimbursement of services to pharmacies by the Health Service Executive.

Oonagh O’Hagan, Managing Director of the Meagher’s Pharmacy Group, will share how she has adapted her business model to overcome these challenges and how Meagher’s continues to grow through the leadership of a customer-centric strategy.


Treat time 🙂


Commit 2 Leading Innovation

Enda McNulty, Chief Performance Officer at McNulty Performance

Enda will deliver an inspirational, thought provoking session on leading innovation in your organisation. The session will be highly engaging, it will be extremely energising and most importantly it will educate you how to be innovative in regard to the mindset of your team, in regard to the leadership, the culture and the teamship in your organisation.

Enda will approach innovation from a different angle rather than attacking innovation in regard to products and services. Enda will attack it from a mindset, team and leadership point of view.

Be prepared to be energised, to be challenged and to be involved in a game-changing session.


Closing Words & Goodbyes