Mike Higgins

Mike Higgins

Mike Higgins

Founder & Managing Consultant | Circularwise

Mike champions Circular Economy adoption in terms of it enabling organisations to greatly reduce supply chain costs, gain competitive advantage and achieve sustainability excellence in recovering optimal operational and financial values from used products and revolutionising waste streams.

Sustainable material recovery for reuse has become a recognised future proofed career and is a growing corporate discipline that responds to the urgent operational and economic need for industry to shift production away from the traditional ‘linear economy’ model of ‘source, make, use and dump’ to adopting more economically and environmentally sustainable ‘Circular Economy’ disciplines of ‘reuse design, robust materials, manufacture, use, recover and remake’

An entirely new research led industry is forming based on innovative transformation of production waste streams into new valuable outputs. These newly formed, highly profitable start-up ventures or research subsidiaries in existing firms, are creating new wealth and employment opportunities, whilst achieving environmental excellence with their inventive processes and by-products.

Mike has become a recognised sustainability industry speaker, addressing many European forums on these increasingly popular topics. A former board member of Wisetek, a circular economy pioneer in providing managed recovery for reuse services to the IT and Data Centre industry, Mike work with sustainability-based investors to develop new ‘circular’ based business opportunities.

Email: Mike@circularwise.com

Website: www.circularwise.com