We’re thrilled to be hosting a live, in-person event again this year!

Personal and Event safety

The event will take place according to government guidelines for indoor events. We are extremely aware of the sensitivity of the present public health environment and are taking extensive measures to ensure all guests can enjoy the conference in comfort and safety.

We have limited the maximum number of delegates to 150, and have also expanded the exhibition space to give additional social distance. In addition to the standard requirements for such indoor events, we will also be employing state-of-the-art, medical-grade air purification devices throughout the conference room.

To take note of any ongoing developing Government Guidelines, special instructions will be issued by email to all ticket holders closer to the event. For more information you can contact Mary.Byrne@irdg.ie for further details.

Covid FAQs

1. Will I need to provide evidence that I am fully vaccinated against Covid 19?

Each attendee must show proof of immunity to access the event; this is typically your EU digital Covid certificate or Proof of Recovery. Your proof of immunity will be scanned at registration. Unfortunately, no exceptions are permissible under the current protocols. You need to have photo identification to show that the proof of vaccination or recovery belongs to you.

2. Will I need to show a negative test before attending?

We will not ask that you show a negative test result prior to attending. However, if you have tested positive for COVID-19 or been exposed to Covid within 14 days prior to the event, or are displaying any symptoms, please stay at home.

3. Will I need to wear a mask at the event?

We ask that you wear a mask whilst moving through public areas in the hotel. We appreciate this won’t always be practical whilst you enjoy refreshments etc, but would appreciate your cooperation as much as is possible.

4. Will social distancing measures be in place?

We ask that all attendees are mindful of space and respect one another’s preferences. Greetings are encouraged via elbow or fist bumping, rather than shaking hands. Seating will be arranged in a comfortable way to ensure everyone’s safety.

Note: Page last updated 10th November 2021. We will continue to update as any changes are announced.