Wednesday, 17th November 2021

The Heritage Killenard

8.45 – 9.30am

Registration & Refreshments

Join us nice and early.  Refresh after your journey, and enjoy a leisurely breakfast on-the-go.  Take the time to re-connect with those you haven’t seen for a while, and meet some new faces too.

Please note each attendee must show proof of immunity to access the event; this is typically your EU digital Covid certificate or Proof of Recovery. Your proof of immunity will be scanned at registration. Unfortunately, no exceptions are permissible under the current protocols. You need to have photo identification to show that the proof of vaccination or recovery belongs to you.

9.30 – 10.00am

#IRDG2021 Welcome Address

  • Denis Hayes, Managing Director, IRDG
  • Donal Tierney, CEO Bimeda Holdings & Chairperson IRDG
  • and Guest


Our first in-person event in over 18 months is an opportunity for all innovation leaders to take some time out, away from the virtual interaction, and back to meeting different people in a more meaningful, human and relevant way.

We hear all the time that “Innovation is a team sport”. And often the best innovations or ideas occur when there are networks of people from diverse backgrounds gathering together. IRDG is all about bringing people together to share experiences, have serendipitous moments and develop collaborative relationships. This conference is a much-anticipated, long-awaited opportunity to facilitate all that in person!

10.00 – 11.30am

KEYNOTE: Sharpen Human Edge In The Post-Pandemic World

Greg Orme, Award-winning Author, Globally-acclaimed Speaker & Leadership Development Expert


Coronavirus has accelerated an AI-enabled digital economy…to succeed, smart leaders will need to be more, not less, human. 

The global pandemic fast-tracked technological disruption.  Suddenly, doctors saw their patients online. Teachers delivered virtual lessons. Bosses managed by Zoom.

How can you respond with curiosity and creativity to the huge technological disruption that’s been set free?  What are the crucial capabilities to be a successful leader and influencer?

In this engaging and interactive session, the award-winning author and organisational change veteran Greg Orme reveals the science-based tips and techniques to succeed in a world being transformed by artificial intelligence, new generations in the workplace, and the ripples of COVID-19.

This is session is based on the research in Greg’s latest book The Human Edge, how curiosity and creativity are your superpowers in the digital economy (Pearson) which won Business Book of The Year in 2020.

11.30 – 12.10pm

Refreshments & Networking

Reconnect with People.  Visit our Exhibitors.


Take some time to meet others from the IRDG network and visit our exhibitors – Enterprise Ireland, The Centre for Advanced Photonics and Process Analysis (CAPPA), SupportIT, Dolmen Design & Innovation, Kinetic Labs, EY, Trinity Research & Innovation, TEKenable, Medical and Engineering Technology Gateway (MET), Shannon ABC, CALIN – Celtic Advanced Life Science Innovation Network, PMTC, UCC, TATA, Gentian Services, Applied IoT, KPMG, TU Dublin and TE Laboratories.

12.10 – 12.25pm

Leading in Transformational Times – Philosophies and Principles

Lavinia Morris, Chief Operating Officer at KBC Bank


Transformation is escaping no industry, region or even organisation, and it’s merely breadth and depth where we find divergence – in this talk we will explore the leadership philosophy and principles that have been tried and tested to enable leaders and their enterprises navigate transformation, business renewal and sustainable innovation.

12.25 – 12.40pm

Innovation Vs Inertia – Rethinking Care in our Community

John Maughan, Chief Product Officer at HaloCare Group


Health and Social care innovation often requires significant changes to behaviours, attitudes and market dynamics. This presentation will explore the approach taken by HaloCare to redefine how we think about looking after people in their homes.

12.40 – 12.55pm

Innovation at Dairymaster

John Daly, Research & Innovation Manager, Dairymaster


12.55 – 1.40pm

Leaders’ Insights Forum: Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Transformation

  • Lavinia Morris, Chief Operating Officer at KBC Bank
  • John Maughan, Chief Product Officer at HaloCare Group
  • Siobhán Hennessy, Head of CX Design at Insight and Innovation, Musgrave
  • John Daly, Research & Innovation Manager, Dairymaster


In this segment, we’ll have heard stories of innovation, entrepreneurship & transformation in Irish-based member companies.  KBC Bank, HaloCare Group and Dairymaster, 3 different industry sectors, and 3 sizes of company, will then go on to join in an expert discussion with Siobhán Hennessy of Musgrave to help the audience to explore the conditions that are needed to drive change, seize new opportunities and overcome challenges.

1.40 – 2.40pm

Lunch & Networking

Reconnect with People.  Visit our Exhibitors.

2.40 – 3.00pm

The Future of Work

Laura Phelan, Director, Human Capital Solutions at AON


This session will cover the Future of Work and how organisations can future proof their workforces to maximise competitiveness, resilience and innovation.

3.00 – 3.55pm

Leaders’ Insights Forum: The Future of Work

  • Laura Phelan, Director, Human Capital Solutions at AON
  • Joe Dunleavy, VP, Head of Innovation at Endava
  • Kevin Buckley, Co-Founder & CEO at Spearline
  • Aldagh McDonogh, Co-Founder of Frankli


Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, employees and employers both are taking part in the biggest ever experiment in adopting new ways of working. As we are getting used to the new normal, a whole plethora of questions are emerging about how this experience will shape the future of work in a post-pandemic and increasingly digitalised world.

Prior to this discussion, we’ll have heard from AON about how they are interpreting the Future of Work. Then, Joe Dunleavy of Endava will facilitate an audience discussion with our panellists across indigenous and multinational companies who are all adjusting to new ways of working, new expectations from employees and new challenges of leadership.

3.55 – 5.00pm

KEYNOTE: Redefine The Impossible

Keith Barry, Keynote Speaker & Brainhacker


  • Transform your mindset from impossible to ‘I’m Possible’
  • Neurologically shift your mindset from ordinary to extraordinary
  • Rewire your brain to accomplish the impossible
  • Keith will also share his blueprint for becoming more resilient in both your personal and professional life, regardless of the challenges life throws at you

5.30 – 6.30pm


IRDG’s AGM will take place separately at the end of the day.  All IRDG members are welcome to attend.